I was born in Cadiz, South Spain. I've lived and worked in Seville, Madrid, London, New Delhi, Mexico City, and New York City. I write film scripts, articles, and fiction narratives, and I direct films, documentaries, and commercials.


Here a few other facts you may want to know about me:


- My first Feature Film as Director Bad Vegan and The Teleportation Machine was premiered at the Brooklyn Film Festival 2016 and was part of the Woodstock Film Festival.


- I co-wrote three feature films with director Humberto Hinojosa for Tigre PicturesParaiso Perdido, released in 2016, Camino a Marte, released in 2017 and Un Papá Pirata, released in October 2019.


- I adapted the film Perdida for Dynamo and directed by Jorge Michel Grau, released in January 2020 and for which I won the Mexican Academy Award for best-adapted Screenplay.

- I co-wrote the horror film Tarumama with director Andrés Beltrán produced by Dynamo that will be released next year.

- I've been part of writer’s room for three Netflix shows, Historia de un Crimen: Colmenares, Luis Miguel: La Serie, and Frontera Verde, directed and produced by Ciro Guerra.


- My short film Miss Mystery has screened at Coney Island Film Festival, Long Island Film Festival & NYLA Film Festival.

- I've directed many commercials and fiction projects in Spain, the UK, India, Mexico, and the USA. Also, I have spent time as a  columnist for Nylon Magazine Mexico.


- Clients I have worked with in the past include Heineken, Indio, Sol, Coors, Microsoft & Cofetel.